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Indulge in the exquisite allure of Yellow Borneo Kratom powder, exclusively from LIH Tea. Meticulously sourced from premium botanicals, our Yellow Borneo boasts a harmonious blend that uplifts your senses with every sip. Available in 30g, 250g, or 1kg packaging, it’s your gateway to balance and serenity.

Rest easy knowing that our Kratom undergoes stringent testing for heavy metals and microbial impurities in our GMP-certified facility. Embrace equilibrium with Yellow Borneo from LIH Tea – where purity meets perfection.

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about Yellow Borneo Kratom Powder:

Step into the radiant world of Yellow Borneo Kratom powder by LIH Tea, where the essence of the finest botanicals awaits. Crafted with precision, our yellow vein kratom offers a delightful fusion of relaxation and vitality, presenting a harmonious companion for your daily pursuits. Radiating with its unique aroma and gentle attributes, Yellow Borneo promises a serene yet invigorating journey, uplifting your spirits with each sip.

Each batch undergoes meticulous processing, ensuring unrivaled freshness and potency that you can rely on.


Even seasoned kratom enthusiasts often wonder about yellow vein strains. Unlike the well-known green, red, and white varieties, the yellow hue of Yellow Borneo Kratom isn’t indicative of its age but is a result of a unique drying process. Previously scarce, these strains are now more accessible as this processing technique gains popularity. Originating primarily from Southeast Asia, particularly Borneo, Yellow Borneo Kratom embodies the characteristics of its native region. While Indonesia is a common source for kratom in the U.S., strains like Yellow Borneo maintain their distinct qualities rooted in their seed lineage, offering consumers an intriguing and vibrant option to explore from LIH Tea Company.


Yellow Borneo Kratom Powder from LIH Tea Company presents a harmonious blend of relaxation and energy, fostering equilibrium for both mind and body. Its unique properties deliver a soothing yet uplifting experience, easing stress while revitalizing energy levels. Renowned for mood enhancement, it promotes positivity and well-being. With gentle attributes suitable for all users, it undergoes meticulous processing for maximum freshness and potency, ensuring consistent quality you can trust.

How to Use Yellow Borneo Kratom Powder:

When it comes to Yellow Borneo Kratom, renowned for its intense aroma and flavor, there are several consumption methods to explore. Mix the powder into beverages like juices, tea, or coffee to mask its bitter taste. Alternatively, incorporate it into a protein shake or toss-and-wash with water or juice for a direct ingestion method. Adding Yellow Kratom to foods is another option, as it typically doesn’t alter the overall taste of the dish.


If you are a first time kratom user, suggested dosage is 1 teaspoon or 2.4 grams approximately. You can adjust your dosage by adding more or less powder depending on how you feel. First and most important thing to know is to find a balance that works with you. Do NOT exceed more than 2 servings per day.

For those seeking to purchase Yellow Borneo Kratom in the USA or globally, explore our online store at LIH Tea Company. Discover our pure, all-organic, and potency-loaded kratom products, guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Enjoy the confidence of our 30-day money-back guarantee. Order your Yellow Borneo Kratom from LIH Tea Company today and experience a revitalized version of yourself – more energetic, composed, focused, and stress-free.


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Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 13 in

30g, 250g, 1kg

Reviews 1

1 review for Yellow Borneo Powder


Liherbals always seems to provide good, consistent quality, and this is no exception. Very good for anxiety, depression or social inhibition. Low stim, low sed, high mood lifting.

Add to any other variety to kick it up a notch, or enjoy by itself.

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