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White Borneo 500mg per Caps

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Simplify your wellness journey with our meticulously crafted capsules, offering you a hassle-free way to enjoy the incredible effects of White Borneo. With 250 capsules per bottle, you’ll never run out of this botanical goodness!

Rest easy knowing that every batch of our Kratom undergoes rigorous testing for heavy metals and microbes in our state-of-the-art GMP facility. Quality and safety are our top priorities, ensuring you receive nothing but the best.

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what is White Borneo Kratom:

White Borneo Kratom is a coveted strain renowned for its origins in Borneo Island. Cultivated amidst the lush landscapes of this tropical haven, White Borneo Kratom flourishes thanks to its ideal climate and nutrient-rich soil. Harvested by skilled farmers, only the freshest white-vein leaves are selected for processing, ensuring unparalleled quality and potency.

White Borneo Kratom is celebrated for its rich concentration of Mitragynine alkaloid, which delivers a unique blend of invigoration and focus. Whether seeking enhanced motivation or a brighter outlook, White Borneo Kratom promises a rejuvenating experience.


White Borneo Kratom – a premium, top-selling strain prized for its exceptional potency and quality. Sourced from mature kratom trees in Borneo’s lush jungles, our strain is meticulously harvested to deliver the finest kratom experience.

White Borneo Kratom boasts invigorating properties, making it a favorite among enthusiasts seeking a natural energy boost. Whether you crave heightened focus, motivation, or a mood lift, White Borneo Kratom delivers with unrivaled brilliance.

From cultivation to processing, we prioritize preserving the plant’s natural alkaloids, ensuring you receive the full spectrum of benefits.


Experience the subtle yet energizing effects of White Borneo Kratom capsule, available at LIH Tea Company. Unlike faster-acting strains, White Borneo provides a gentle boost of energy without the risk of jitteriness, allowing you to stay focused and motivated throughout your day.

With White Borneo Kratom, you’ll enjoy clean energy that keeps you moving seamlessly from task to task, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Whether you’re tackling work projects or daily chores, White Borneo Kratom ensures that time flies by and leaves you feeling accomplished.

Additionally, White Borneo Kratom promotes a happy and uplifted state of mind, alleviating the weight of the world and restoring a sense of positivity. Let White Borneo Kratom lift your worries and rejuvenate your spirit, allowing you to approach life with renewed vigor and clarity.


Beginners can begin with one capsule and adjust as necessary. It’s crucial to find the dosage that achieves your desired effects without exceeding recommended limits. Simply swallow the capsules with water or your preferred beverage, at any time of day that suits your needs and preferences. To maximize results, incorporate White Borneo Kratom Capsules into your daily routine consistently. Establishing a regular schedule ensures effectiveness and supports your wellness journey effectively.

Crafted with precision, each capsule is filled with 500mg of premium White Borneo kratom, sourced from the finest leaves. With 250 capsules per bottle, you can easily incorporate White Borneo into your daily routine. 

Enjoy the confidence of our 30-day money-back guarantee. Order your White Borneo Kratom Capsules from LIH Tea Company today and experience a revitalized version of yourself – more energetic, composed, focused, and stress-free.




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