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about Bentuangie Kratom Powder:

Bentuangie powder, pronounced “Been-Two-Ann-Gee,” is a lesser-known strain renowned for its rarity and distinct characteristics. Often referred to as Chocolate Kratom due to its deep brown color, this unique strain has captivated the interest of Kratom enthusiasts worldwide.

While not as widely recognized as popular strains like Maeng Da or Thai Kratom, Bentuangie Kratom is gaining traction among kratom enthusiasts looking for unique experiences.


Bentuangie powder is exclusively grown on a small island named Bentuangie in the west of Borneo Island. The island’s unique climatic conditions contribute to the plant’s distinctive alkaloid profile and high-quality leaves. Unlike other kratom strains that are hand-picked, cleaned, dried, and ground into powder, Bentuangie undergoes a fermentation process. This process enhances its potency and results in a more enduring alkaloid profile.


Bentuangie powder offers a unique flavor and aroma, with a less bitter taste compared to regular Kratom. It contains high levels of Mitragynine alkaloids, making it robust and potent. This strain promotes happiness and well-being, stimulates positive thoughts, and provides a carefree mindset. It is also effective in relieving discomfort, particularly physical discomfort, due to its deeply relaxing nature. Bentuangie Kratom helps relax the body and mind, easing tension, and encourages restful sleep, promoting a deeper overall sleep experience.


Bentuangie Kratom, known for its intense aroma and flavor, can be consumed in various ways to mask its bitter taste. Adding the powder to beverages like juices, tea, or coffee is a popular choice, as is mixing it into a protein shake. For those who don’t mind the taste, the toss-and-wash method involves ingesting the powder directly and washing it down with water or juice. Adding Bentuangie Kratom powder to foods is another option, as it typically doesn’t alter the overall taste of the dish.


When determining your ideal dosage, start with 2-4 grams for moderate effects. Avoid exceeding 5 grams to prevent side effects like nausea and dizziness. Take breaks between doses to avoid developing tolerance. Lower doses are stimulating and mood-boosting, while higher doses are more relaxing. Adjust your dosage based on your desired effects and tolerance level.

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